By: Paul Bica

Over the past years, New Zealand has been a favorite vacation destination. It is not very difficult to understand why people love to visit New Zealand. So much about country – from its magnificent sights to its wonderful people, all make this magical place a piece of paradise for tourists and explorers.

If New Zealand is not in your bucket list yet, let us give you some of the reasons why you should discover and visit New Zealand.

Diverse natural wonders

Are you a nature lover? Then you will never go wrong in choosing New Zealand. With so many breathtaking sceneries to discover and admire, your visit to New Zealand will surely be memorable. The country, with two main islands, features beautiful coasts, majestic mountain ranges, volcanoes, springs, lakes, fiords, glaciers, and tropical forests.

The following are just some of the most popular sights in New Zealand:

Outdoor adventures

Another reason why you should visit New Zealand is that you can enjoy outdoor activities from A to Z. Literally, from ATV tours to Ziplines, there are so many outdoor adventures you can do in the country that will make your vacation very memorable.

Adventures include hiking, biking, bungy jumping, skydiving, jet boating, rafting, dolphin encounters, whale watching, caving, horseback riding, ziplining, Zorb and OGO, canyoning, off-road driving, and heli skiing.

Unique wildlife encounter

New Zealand is home to many rare birds and animals, making a visit to the country one of a kind. You get to encounter rare birds, such as Kiwi, Weka, Kakapo or Owl parrots, Kea parrots, Kaka parrots, and Pekapeka bats. You can also encounter rare reptiles such as the Tuatara, the Chevron Skink lizards, and Hamilton’s frog.

Aside from these unique fauna, you also get to witness up close sperm whales and other whales that are migrating, as well as seals. You can also encounter Maui Dolphins, Hector’s dophins, Fur seal, Yellow-eyed penguins, and little blue penguins in New Zealand.

Easy to go around

New Zealand features two main islands, namely the North and South islands with a few other smaller islands. Once you set foot on one of these islands, travelling around would be very easy to do. You can just rent a campervan, ride a bus, or take the train and then do your adventure. You can also rent a motorcycle if you want.

Hopping from one tourist destination to another is easy to do in New Zealand. Road links are easy to follow and towns have information centers for tourists. Fuel is also not that expensive in New Zealand.

To transfer to another island in New Zealand, you can ride a plane, a ferry, or a water taxi.

Welcoming people

Another wonderful thing about visiting New Zealand is that you get to experience the people’s welcoming and friendly personality. You will get to learn more about the hospitality of the people as they welcome you to their guest houses, private hotels, bed and breakfasts, and farmstays. Do not forget to drop by one of the kiwi-style pubs, which are known for their friendly atmosphere.

Interesting culture

New Zealand has a rich history and culture. The indigenous people in New Zealand, the Maori, have a great influence in New Zealand’s culture and way of life. The British colonization also contributes to the culture of New Zealand. Today, New Zealand has a mix culture following immigrations from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

To witness the country’s interesting culture, watch out for Waitangi day that commemorates the country’s Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document. During this holiday, there will be Maori cultural performances and other shows.

Other festivities and observances include Diwali or festival of Lights, ANZAC Day, and Guy Fawke’s Night, where fireworks light up the night sky.

Pleasant climate

New Zealand has a temperate and rather moderate climate. Any month would be a nice time to visit New Zealand. Winter is not too cold, but provides enough snow for outdoor snow activities, while summer is not too hot. Spring and autumn may rain oftentimes, but are such lovely times to visit the country.

Safe to travel

While New Zealand is not a crime-free country, crime rate is relatively low in this country, making it a rather safe place to visit. Despite the lush forests and unique animal species, there are very few endemic diseases in the country. In case of accidents, New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) will also help pay for your care under certain terms.

Meager population

If you want to go on a vacation that also gives you privacy and some serenity, New Zealand is the perfect place to be. It has a total population of only 4.6million focused in its major cities. You will surely enjoy as tourist spots and natural attractions will not be too crowded to visit.

For sure there are more reasons why it is a great experience to visit New Zealand. Go ahead and see for yourself.