Visiting a new place for the first time is a totally new experience.  The language is different; the climate is different; the culture is different; food is different, and the adventures are totally new.  It can be crazy different than your place, but definitely crazy fun and exciting, too.  This is especially true if you visit the beautiful Philippines.

Beautiful Philippines
by Ray in Manila

Surely you will love the beautiful sights, the exciting adventures, the wonderful people, and the delicious foods, but being a first-time tourist can be overwhelming.  To help you enjoy your stay in the Philippines, here are some travel tips you can put in mind.

Clothes and accessories








Finally, as you travel the Philippines, do  not forget to always carry with you your smile.  The Filipinos are friendly and easy-going people.  Top that with amazing sights, wonderful adventures, and delicious food, then you will have the vacation of your life.

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