A tourist visa is quite easily obtained by most Filipinos. We can assist you with your tourist visa application, which can be processed in 3-6 weeks, depending on the country. Ultimate Visa also offers free assessment to all applicants. Please contact our friendly staff for a personal free assessment.

What is a tourist visa?

Tourist Visa is granted to individuals who have the intention to visit and explore a foreign country or visit a loved one abroad. This visa is also applicable for short study, business, or medical purposes on a limited period of time. This visa, however, does not apply to tourists who want to work or settle permanently in the country of destination.

Depending on the country of destination, a tourist visa usually permits you to stay in a country for three months at most. Your length of stay will also depend on your purpose of visit, such as for education, business, temporary work, or simply for vacation.


To qualify for a tourist visa, you must be able to disprove the presumption that you intend to immigrate to the country of destination. You must be ready to do the following to assure that you will return to your country of origin:

- Prove strong binding ties (social or economic) to your country of origin;

- Show permanent residence in your country of origin;

- Prove that you will temporarily visit a country for business, pleasure, or medical treatment purposes; and finally

- Prove that you can cover the expenses of your stay (show money).


While requirements vary within countries, these are the basic requirements for Tourist Visa application:

- Valid passport;

- Completely and honestly filled up Tourist Visa application forms;

- Required visa photos;

- Tourist visa application fee;

- Supporting documents (i.e. letter from a sponsor, letter from an employer, proof of income, travel itinerary, return tickets, medical certificate); and

- Interview appointment letter.

- As long as you are qualified to apply for a tourist visa and you comply with all the requirements, you will have a greater chance of having an approved tourist visa.

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