Kabuki tokyo

Kabuki is one of the tourist areas in Tokyo, which will definitely tickle the senses of every arts enthusiast. Found in Ginza, one of the districts in the city recognized as its shopping district, the place has descriptions and narratives in English of the timeless theater.

Tsukiji Fish Market

tsukiji fish markert tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market is among the traveler areas in Tokyo that will require you to get up early for you to witness enormous fauna creatures from the sea. From there, those fresh catch will be immediately distributed to the various dining establishments possibly used for sushi. The best time to visit would be around 5AM to 8AM.

Imperial Palace

imperial palace tokyo

Imperial Palace is one of the tourist spots in Tokyo. See how royalty in the past is being kept in Japan. There is a specific time to visit the palace. The Imperial Palace also has the East Garden that has a tea pavilion with open lawns where you can enjoy.

Meiji- Jingu Shrine

meiji jingu shrine

Meiji- Jingu Shrine is one of the tourist spots in Tokyo that was constructed in honor of 2 significant personalities in Japan: Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Throughout the height of the 2nd World War, the Meiji- Jingu Shrine was completely damaged; the structure was renovated then.


kamakura tokyo

Kamakura is one of the traveler areas in Tokyo where you will be introduced to the spiritual side of this highly- innovative metropolis. The Hase- dera Temple can also be seen in Kamakura where it houses the popular Kannon Statue that dates back to the eight century.

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