Switzerland is among Europe’s many visited places by travelers. It is also an exciting place to be in for a holiday or getaway. The nation’s diverse landlocked and mountainous setting make it a lofty dazzling experience. The blend of Italian, German, and French culture makes the food and wine fantastic.

By: Francisco Antunes

Tourist Nationalities

Switzerland’s neutrality and liberty creates an pleasurable environment for visitors. About twenty million tourists from all around the world visits Switzerland every year. Tourist go for cycling, trekking, snowboarding, mountain climbing, and shopping. About forty percent are Americans, British, Germans, and French.


The nation’s remarkable scenery, quiet appeal, top-notch cuisine, and elegant culture have allowed the tourism in Switzerland to continuously grow as one of the most well-known travel destinations of the world. Travelers can pick over three-hundred-fifty villages to go to. There are hundreds of treking tails, ski slopes, biking routes, hotels, restaurants, and museums all throughout the nation.

Culture and Traditions

Switzerland’s strong mix of culture and traditions likewise plays a fantastic part in tourism. The annual occasions and festival celebrations attracted thousands of tourists to witness the fantastic festivities. February generates visitors for Fasnacht, carnival time in a lot of towns, particularly Basel who moods it up with fancy parades. In August, Zurich is heavily checked out by travelers for its techno Street Parade, which has turned into one of the world’s biggest yearly street parties.

March to October features cow fights with its Combat de Reines, then the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival that happens in July, that once more generates so many tourists taking part in the event which extremely enhances up tourist in Switzerland. Switzerland facets so many remarkable qualities not only with its attractive natural features but with its magnificent cultural character and people too. It is definitely a place worth going to and checking out.

Tourism Industry

Today, tourism in Switzerland is one of the most essential markets of the country, with tourists investing billions of francs in Switzerland and producing a considerable income for the country. Nearly twelfth of the country’s labor force is working straight or indirectly in tourism. It has actually been ranked as the 15th earning tourism destinations of the world in 2005.

Visit Switzerland now, apply as a tourist.

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