Spousal visa requires more time and documentation. The most important requirement is that the couple must be legally married.

The average processing time for spousal visa varies from one country to another (e.g. 5 months for Australia, 8–9 months for United States, and 5 months for the United Kingdom approximately).

All embassies require complete and properly prepared documentation in order to have a shorter processing time.

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Spousal Visa is granted to those individuals whose spouse is a lawful citizen or resident of a specific country. It is, of course, essential for the partners to be legally married with mutual intention to settle down together. In most countries, the requirement to submit evidences of true marital document is needed to gain visa approval.

If granted successfully, the spouse will have the opportunities to either live, study or work in the country of settlement. Aside from that, entitled for government benefits such as student allowances, medical fund, employment assistance, retirement benefits and other beneficial programs related to permanent resident privileges.

In some countries though, there is a need to submit some petition forms to eligibly support the approval needed. However, in cases where the sponsor is momentarily out of his original country, he or she can still apply for visa petition for his or her foreign spouse. In the event wherein the foreign spouse wishes to have his or her children join him or her, petition for immigration visas should be filed separately. The sponsor will then be made to agree to assist economically the children for a time.

The requirements for visa approval varies. In some consulate, medical examination and vaccination predominantly is necessary before the scheduled consular interview. The good news is, the foreign spouse can wait in the foreign country to complete the immigration processing using visit or tourist visa. This also applies to children being petitioned as well.

Lastly, the length of the processing of visa differs from country to country. Lack of documents or requirements or faulty actions and additional requirements needed are just some of the few reasons that can delay a visa application.

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