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fiancée visa or fiancé visa requires more time and documentation.  One of the major requirements is that the couple must have met each other and must be free to marry. 

The processing time for fiancée visa varies from country to country: 3 months for the United Kingdom approximately. However, with the professional help of Ultimate Visa, this processing time can be shortened. 

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What is fiance visa?

This type of visa is issued to you being the fiance of a citizen of the country you are applying for.  This will give you single entry to the UK for a limited number of days.   This implies that you should marry within the given period, or else you will be forced to leave the country.  

Single entry also means that you cannot get in and out of the country during that period.  

Once you and your fiance are married, you can already apply for the Adjustment of Status petition wherein you will be considered a legal and permanent resident.  As long as the application for Adjustment of Status has been filed and is pending, you can have the possibility of extending your stay in the country.

What are the benefits of fiance visa?

  1. The fiance visa is faster and easier to process compared to spousal visa.
  2. Although the fiance visa in itself does not allow you to permanently stay.  It is actually a stepping stone to permanently live in UK. 
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How do you apply for a fiance visa?

To apply for a fiance visa, there are fees you need to pay and forms you need to file.  We, Ultimate Visa Corporation, can assist you in preparing and processing the required documents.  

A note worth considering: you also need to have a documented proof that  you have been seeing your fiance for at least two years now and that your relationship is still ongoing.  

To learn more about how you can apply for a fiance visa, do not hesitate to contact Ultimate Visa for a free consultation.

If you have a child who is not married and is under 21 years of age, let us know so we can assist you with the proper application.

Talk with your assessment officer as transparent as possible to appropriately assist you with the documents and processes needed.

There are several documents you many need to prepare.  Get in touch with us and avail of our FREE consultation.

Why hire Ultimate Visa Corporation?

  • Ultimate Visa Corporation is a multi-awarded visa and immigration services provider.
  • Ultimate Visa Corporation is backed by a legal counsel (immigration lawyer) to address and assist any legal concern regarding our clients’ application. This is a service you won’t normally avail when you apply for a visa at any government institution or embassy (as a walk-in applicant).
  • The rates of Ultimate Visa Corporation are competitive where our staff will do all the complex paperwork and leg work. This means that our clients can spend most of their time on other things that matter to them instead of the tedious application process.
  • We also prepare and brief the applicants for the interview at the embassies. Guiding the applicants in each stage of the visa application makes it less complex and stressful for clients.
  • Ultimate Visa Corporation is a private corporation, licensed under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission is not affiliated with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. The Philippine laws do not require Ultimate Visa Corporation to register and be affiliated with the Bureau of Immigration to perform its business. In fact, Ultimate Visa Corporation is registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue for tax purposes and has secured business and mayor’s permits from the government of Cebu City and Makati City for its head and branch offices.
  • Though most of the forms are available for free or at a lower cost (where applicable) from the government or embassy of the country you would apply for, Ultimate Visa Corporation offers free assessment for all applicant and they are not obliged to take any of our services. Here is the official website of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.

Hope you did sign up for our free consultation above.  The time you spent to fill out the form might just get you or your love one the K-1 Visa, Fiancee or Fiance Visa.

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