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A fiancée visa or fiancé visa requires more time and documentation. It is also known as K1-visa in the United States of America. One of the major requirements is that the couple must have met each other and must be free to marry. The processing time for fiancée visa varies from country to country (e.g. 2-3 months for Australia, 3-4 months for United States, and 3 months for the United Kingdom approximately). However, with the professional help of Ultimate Visa, this processing time can be shortened. Please contact our friendly staff for a free personal assessment. We try our best to help you whatever country you have in mind: USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, China, etc.

Generally, a visa is a document that grants you permission by another country to enter their territory for a specific period of time. There are many kinds of visa, but I’m going to talk to you specifically about fiance visa. So what really is fiance visa, what are its benefits, and how do you acquire it? What is it?

What is fiance visa?

This type of visa is issued to you being the fiance of a citizen of the country you are applying for. In this article, let us use the United States as an example. In US, the fiance visa is also called the K-1 visa. This will give you single entry to the US for up to ninety days only. This implies that you should marry within the 90-day period, or else you will be forced to leave the US. Single entry also means that you cannot get in and out of the US within the 90-day period. Once you and your fiance are married, you can already apply for the Adjustment of Status petition wherein you will be considered a legal and permanent resident of the US once approved. As long as the application for Adjustment of Status has been filed and is pending, you can already extend your 90-day stay in the US.

What are the benefits of fiance visa?

1. The fiance visa is faster and easier to process compared to spousal visa.

2. Although the fiance visa in itself does not allow you to permanently stay in the US, it is actually a stepping stone towards becoming a permanent resident of the US. This, of course, happens only when you marry within the 90-day period and apply for Adjustment of Status.

How do you apply for a fiance visa?

To apply for a fiance visa, there are fees you need to pay and forms you need to file. We, Ultimate Visa Corporation, can assist you in preparing and processing the required documents.

A note worth considering: you also need to have a documented proof that you have been seeing your fiance for at least two years now and that your relationship is still ongoing.

To learn more about how you can apply for a fiance visa, do not hesitate to contact Ultimate Visa for a free consultation.

Other important things you need to know

If you have a child who is not married and is under 21 years of age, it would be possible to bring him or her to the US by applying for the K-2 visa.

If you have already applied for and are already awaiting for the approval of your Adjustment of Status, you should not leave the US; otherwise, it would imply that you are abandoning your petition for legally and permanently staying in the US. If you need to leave the country, you need to apply and wait for the approval of Advance Parole.

Documents to Prepare

There are several documents you many need to prepare. Get in touch with us and avail of our FREE consultation.

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