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Travelling to the Philippines would be easier if you learn about the country before your visit.  Knowing their culture and way of doing things will help you understand the behavior of the people and how they treat you.  Learning a little of the language will also help you communicate and interact with the people easily.

While the Filipinos generally speak and understand English, speaking the Filipino language will make the people feel more comfortable with you.  The Filipinos also find it amusing when you speak their language and will then help you engage in a more fun conversation.  Finally, speaking their language could jut save you when you get lost, especially in the remote areas of the country.

Here are some of the important words and phrases to learn when planning to visit the Philippines.

Greeting/Meeting People



Transportation /jeepney



Other questions and phrases

It is also advised that you include the word “po” in your sentence, especially when talking to someone older than you.  Adding the word “po” is a sign of formality and respect when talking to other people.