First aid kits and medicine kits are must-haves when you travel.  Especially when you are going on a vacation or an adventure, you need to be ready in case emergency arises.  Here is a helpful guide to get you started in preparing your  medicine kit.

Maintenance and prescription medicines

The first thing that you should not forget to bring are your maintenance and prescription medicines if you have some.  When travelling abroad, make sure you research or inquire about the regulations on bringing prescription drugs as they may differ from one country to another.

Also, do not forget to bring your doctor’s instructions with letterhead in case you need to buy that certain medicine in your place of destination.


Travelling can add stress to your body that may lower your immune system.  Bring some vitamins with you, like Vitamin C tablets or multivitamins that will help boost your immune system and protect you from getting easily sick during your travel.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines

While (OTC) medicines may be easily bought in nearby pharmacies and shops, it is best to carry them with you, since you will not know exactly when and where you are going to need them.  These include the following medicines:

First aid supplies

Do not also forget to bring the following first aid supplies in case of emergency:

Others supplies

Other supplies to include in your medicine kit include the following:

With this medical kit guide, travelling should be safer and more comfortable.

Do not also forget to bring your insurance card together with your other important papers.  If you need assistance with your other documents, such as visa, do not hesitate to contact