Italy lent its beautiful landscape to the movies - "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "The English Patient" - and soared the hearts of many. It is the country that showed the world the characters of Romeo and Casanova. With your imagination for a  passionate chase, you will begin to daydream about a romantic love that blooms dramatically as the chase progresses. It's not a wonder why some women thought of Italian guys as romantic and passionate in their pursuit for love.

Are you currently dating an Italian? The points below may help:

Pleased him by learning and speaking Italian.  Start some basic Italian plesantries such as Ciao (Hello), Grazie (Thank you) or Come stai (How are you).  Be confident and don't shy away with your mistakes as this may show him how much effort you put into it.

Be creatively thoughtful.  Italians love to eat, drink wine and coffee, watch and play sports like soccer, and consider the family as very important.  "Therefore, learn how to cook the Italian way; find a way to make a special espresso; take him to a soccer game; and, of course, get to know his family whenever given the chance."

Don't pretend to be someone that you're not.  In short, be yourself.  Be who and what you are when you are with him.

Shower him with your tender loving care. Italians love being affectionate and love to receive back the gesture. Give an Italian the notice and understanding that he deserves. In no time, his love will surely go straight back to you.

A woman has her way to a man's heart.  There's no such thing such as laws or rules to love.  Discover love. Experience love.  Pursue love.

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