airplane taking off migration

People migrate for a number of reasons. The reasons and causes for migration would normally fall under these areas:

Why do people migrate?

Yes, we know that people migrate because of those 5 basic reasons. However, we often fail to realize their perspective in coming into a decision to migrate:

2 Factors of Migration

At this point, we categorize the above causes or reasons for migration into 2 factors:

As you can see, people are either pulled or pushed to migrate. Either they involuntarily or voluntarily migrated.

Examples of Push and Pull Factors

Push factors are the reasons why people leave an area. They are usually involuntary or forced migrations:

Pull factors are the reasons why people are attracted or pulled to a particular area. They are usually voluntary migrations:

Now that you know the reasons or the causes of migration, where do you think you belong? Is it pulled or pushed?

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