Do you dream of working and migrating to Australia?  Australia has a shortage of certain skills and jobs and so they welcome foreign nationals to migrate and work in their country.  If you think you have the skills and expertise needed and you know the English language well, you will have the chance to apply for a visa as a skilled worker in Australia.

SkillSelect and Expression of Interest (EOI)

To begin the process, you may visit SkillSelect.  This is an online service that allows Australia to manage its skilled migration program.  It significantly shortens time to process visa application since Australia will be able to manage who can apply for skilled migration and when they can apply.

At SkillSelect, you can submit your Expression of Interest or EOI, which indicates that you are willing to be a skilled worker in Australia.  Some of the information you need to provide in the EOI include the following:

Submitting your EOI is not the application of visa yet.  It is an essential step to make so you can be seen by Australian employers, states, or territory governments, who need skilled workers.  They may then nominate you to apply for a visa as a skilled worker in Australia.  The Australian government may also be the one to invite you to lodge your visa application.

Australia visas you can apply for

There are different types of visas you can apply for as a skilled worker in Australia.  For each type of visa, there are  also different eligibility requirements.  It is important that you check on the requirements first before submitting your EOI to make sure you are qualified for the certain type of visa you wish to apply for.

You may also ask us for more information on the qualifications by filling up the FREE consultation form.

Once your EOI has been successfully submitted, you may apply for the following visas.

If you have been invited to apply for a visa by a SkillSelect-approved Australian employer, you can apply for any of the following visas.

Common visa prerequisites for skilled workers in Australia

While prerequisites vary per type of visa, the following conditions and requirements are commonly expected from applicants:

To learn more about the requirements, as well as other information on applying for a visa as a skilled worker in Australia, please fill up the FREE consultation form.

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Source : Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Border Protection