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Ultimate Visa Corporation, one of the leading visa and servicing companies, offers excellent, professional advice and services for all your visa and immigration needs: Fiancée, spousal, tourist, student and immigration to countries like Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden and other European countries.

Ultimate Visa offers free assessment for all applicants.

Our rates are competitive. Our expert and understanding officers and staff will do all the complex paperwork for you.

We prepare and brief the applicants for the interview at the embassies. Guiding the applicants in each stage of the visa application makes it less complex and stressful.

Our objective at Ultimate Visa is to help you obtain your visa!

most trusted agency Video: Watch awarding of UltimateVisa Corporation as the most trusted immigration service provider for the year 2012.

Corporate Vision and Mission Statement

Corporation Vision

Ultimate VISA Corporation wants to be known as the world’s best immigration and visa consultation firm. Ultimate VISA Corporation (management and staff) is dedicated to customer service and efficiency through our knowledge in all aspects of visa and immigration laws. We deliver our personalized services to our clients at reasonable cost.


Ultimate VISA Corporation was established in January 2009 by two partners, one legal practitioner/lawyer and a business graduate (who is focused on delivering the services with a heart for the people).

Ultimate VISA Corporation is now one of the leading immigration and visa servicing companies in the Philippines offering excellent professional advice and services for all your immigration and visa needs from different parts of the globe.

Our head office is in Cebu City with offices in Manila and Argao Cebu serviced by highly trained and professional individuals ready to give the utmost service.

Mission Statement

Ultimate VISA Corporation (management and staff) is dedicated to first class customer service. Our management and staff are trained and updated with the latest developments of immigration and visa laws.