Cebu, in the middle of the Philippine Islands, is frequently visited by travelers for its wonderful tourist spots. Both local and international tourists enjoy visiting the charming island for its rich cultural and historical sites and most especially its lovely beaches.

The beaches in Cebu are perfect for those who love to go diving, snorkeling, or simply swimming and enjoying the serenity of the sea. If you are a beach lover and you happen to be in Cebu or are planning to visit Cebu, here are the best beaches in Cebu that you can explore from the north to the south of the island.

Mactan Island

Mactan Island is where the international airport is located in Cebu. With just a few minutes travel from the airport, you can already set foot to some of the most luxurious beach resorts Cebu has to offer. These include the Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa, Movenpic Hotel, Crimson Resort and Spa, JPark Island Resort and Waterpark, and Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.

These resort hotels provide wonderful accommodations and a wide array of water sports, as well as other amenities for the whole family. There are also more affordable beach resorts you can stay in Mactan Island that will suit any budget.

Camotes Island

On the northeastern side of Cebu, a two-hour boat ride from the city of Danao will take you to the breathtaking shores of Camotes Island. A wide stretch of white sand beach will welcome your view. The beach of Camotes Island, particularly the Santiago Bay, features a wide stretch of shallow water with white sand underneath your toes, perfect for kids swimming.

Bantayan Island

Further up the north of Cebu Island, you will also find a gem with enticing white sand beaches and resorts lined up almost like the famous Boracay. Bantayan island has three municipaties namely, Bantayan proper, where you can witness lovely sunset and find old churches; Madridejos, an interesting fishing village; and Sta. Fe, where you can witness the beautiful sunrise.[i]


On the northern tip of Cebu, take a boat ride to the island of Malapascua. This breathtaking island features crystal clear water, white sand beaches, water activities like wake boarding; and spectacular dive and snorkeling sites. You can even spot thresher sharks on this enchanting island. When the weather is nice, you can even go around the entire island with a motorized boat. Malapascua is definitely a must-visit place.


Going to the south of Cebu, you need to visit Moalboal that is home to one of the best beaches in Cebu,. Its famous Basdaku Beach is frequented by many locals and tourists who want to enjoy the white sand beach, the sandbar, the sunset, and just camping on the shore. If you are a diving and snorkeling enthusiast, don’t miss exploring the waters of Moalboal, especially in Pescador island where you can see colorful fishes and corals. You can also witness a Sardine run in the waters of Moalboal, see tortoise, and if you get lucky, you can even see dolphins jumping about in Tanon strait.


Next the town of Moalboal is Badian. A famous public beach named Lambog beach is famous for its white sand beach and camping-friendly shores. Just like in Moalboal, sunset in Badian is beautiful. For a more classy and private stay in Badian, you can also stay in Badian Island Resort and Spa. Here you can enjoy different watersport activities on its white sand beach and enjoy their relaxing spa and cascading swimming pools.[ii]


On the southeastern side of Cebu, you will also find a beautiful white sand beach in Alcoy. Tingko beach, a public beach in Alcoy is also considered as one of the best beaches in Cebu. Surrounding Tingko are affordable accommodations that make the town even better.[iii]


Further on the southeastern side of Cebu Island is the town of Oslob. You must have heard of the famous whale sharks in Cebu. This is where you will find them. Greet your day with a beautiful view of the sunrise and head on early in the morning to meet the whale sharks of Oslob. There are a lot of resorts to choose from in Oslob that will suit any budget and that can arrange tours for you to see the whale shark.

Sumilon Island

While you are in Oslob, don’t forget to drop by the enchanting Sumilon Island. It is a 15 to 20-minute boat ride from Oslob.[iv] It features crystal clear water and white sandbar you would love to come back over and over again. Definitely one of the best beaches in Cebu. The accommodation is quite expensive compared to other beaches in the south, but it is definitely tranquil and simply satisfying. You may also simply go island hopping from Oslob and visit the sand bar in Sumilon Island.

Other famous beaches in Cebu worth visiting include the Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan and the shores of Dalaguete in the south of Cebu, as well as Carnasa Island in the northern town of Daanbantayan.