When planing for a vacation or a trip, preparation minimizes tension. This is especially crucial for a diabetic.

These 5 diabetes travel ideas are simple to carry out and crucial to your diabetic management. They are especially important if you are taking a trip abroad.

1) Have a pre-travel check-up. Ensure your A1C blood sugar level is normal; your high blood pressure and your cholesterol levels are OK. Get the suitable shots for any nation you prepare to go to.

2) Wear a diabetes medical ID. Ideally it should written according to the language of where you’re visiting. Not everyone speaks your language and you do not desire medical problems through misunderstandings.

3) Keep your medication and glucose treatment in your hand-luggage. Check-in luggage does, sadly, go astray. Don’t risk your diabetes medication by loading it in your main travel luggage.

4) Keep your medication in its initial box, complete with pharmacy labels. It will prevent misconceptions about why you are carrying drugs and, if you are on insulin, syringes.

5) Be conscious of time zone modifications, specifically when changing your watch. When you travel east your day becomes shorter; if you travel west your day ends up being longer, remember. You may have to modify the timings of your medication.

Taking a trip need not be distressing. A practical mindset and a little pre-travel planning can make things go far more efficiently.


Consult your doctor before going for a long vacation or trip. The content of this post is not owned by Ultimate Visa and is shared by guest writers or reposted from somewhere else in the Internet to bring awareness to people suffering with diabetes as they go for vacation or travel.

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