Celebrate your Christmas to any of these places. Contact UltimateVisa to assist you make the most of your Christmas season.

1.New York City, N.Y.

2.Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3.Munich, Bavaria, Germany

4.Cologne, Germany

5.Santa Claus, Indiana

6.Prague, Czech Republic

7.Boston, Massachusetts

8.Charleston, South Carolina

9.Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, Napapiiri in Lapland, Finland

10.Provence, France

11.San Juan, Puerto Rico

12.Edinburgh, Scotland

13.Aspen Colorado

14.Venice, Italy

15.Paris, France

16.Durango, Colorado

17.Barcelona, Spain

18.Taos, New Mexico

19.Nuremberg, Germany

20.Trømso, Norway

21.Quebec City, Canada

22.Key West, Florida

23.Reykjavik, Iceland

24.Chicago, Illinois

25.Castleton, England

Have you been to any of these places during Christmas? Which do you recommend?

Thanks to list25.com for compiling the list.