via Flickr by Sean MacEntee

Travelling requires thinking of the complete package you need from the shoes and clothes you wear to the luggage that you use.  When it comes to choosing your luggage, there are so many things you have to consider to pick the right one for your trip.  If you don’t get the right one, you might have trouble with baggage fees, as well as difficulty in bringing your luggage on narrow plane isles, and the possibility of one of the wheels or zippers breaking.

To make your trip less hassle and more comfortable, check out theses tips in choosing the right luggage:

  1. Make sure the bag is not heavy when empty.
  2. Find a luggage with at least one shallow compartment in front where you can keep some of the stuff you need to get quickly when needed and probably one more where you can keep your liquid bags for ease of inspection.
  3. Preferably look for a bag with fiberglass frame, which is both durable and lightweight.
  4. Find a suitcase with waterproofing to protect your belongings from rain and spills.
  5. Check the zippers, as well as the stitches and seams of the bag.
  6. Find luggage with warranty.
  7. Choose between soft and hard-case bags.  Soft bags are better at absorbing shock and can be easily squeezed while hard-case bags are more lightweight, better at protecting fragile items, and are easier to clean.
  8. When it comes to size, find a carry-on bag that does not exceed 45 inches and a checked bag not over 62 inches.  You may also check with your airline for their size requirements as they vary from airline to airline and whether you are taking a domestic or international flight.
  9. Avoid choosing a black luggage since it is vey common and difficult to spot.  Instead, choose one with brighter color or unique print.
  10. Always test the bag while in the store.  Walk around with it and check if it feels sturdy, comfortable to pull, and the handles are just the right length.
  11. Choose a two-wheel suitcase if you want a more lightweight bag, but remember this can easily tip over.  Choose a four-wheel suitcase if you want one that is easier to maneuver and can stand upright.
  12. If you are planning to bring souvenirs from your trip, you may choose an expandable bag.  Remember, though, that it might be difficult to fit in the overhead bin.
  13. Look for comfortable and durable top and side handles that will make the bag easier to maneuver, especially when you need to carry it.
  14. Look for luggage brands that are known to offer durable and quality bags. Do not settle for a cheaper bag that could snap when you are rushing to catch your flight.
  15. Designer bags are fine, but are mostly just fashion symbols and may not necessarily perform better than trusted luggage brands.

So there you go, please save yourself from all the hassles and inconvenience and don’t forget these tips in mind.  If you have more ideas to share in picking the right luggage for your trip, please share them with us using our contact us page.