An excitingly fun vacation could easily turn into a memorably exhausting nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be that way. While travelling with kids can be very challenging, preparing for your trip can help make your vacation all worthwhile.

traveling with kids
By davitydave

Here are some quick travel tips you can consider to make your vacation more enjoyable and memorable for the whole family:

1. Let your kids know where you are going

The first step to creating wonderful memories is to get them excited about where you are heading. Let them know about the place where you are going and the activities you are planning to do. This could be a great topic to talk about while you’re on the plane or in the car before they start feeling grumpy.

2. Decide wisely on where to stay

Aside from looking for affordable hotels or apartments, find a place to stay that is family-friendly and somewhere that is close to your places of interest. This will make your stay more comfortable and exciting for your kids.

3. Make a kid-friendly travel plan

Kids easily get tired. Make a kid-friendly travel plan where the whole family gets to enjoy a site without having to rush. Don’t try to squeeze in activities or visiting other sites that will just make you feel so tired that you don’t get to enjoy your trip anymore. If you want to visit more places, it would be better to spend more days during your vacation.

4. Check your seat assignments upon checking-in

When you check in, make sure the seats assigned to you are next to each other. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being seated away from each other. Better yet, do online check-in and confirm seat assignments at least a day before your flight.

5. Bring snacks and something to keep your kids busy on a long trip

You do not want to be travelling for hours on the plane or on a car with your kids crying and complaining from hunger or boredom.  Make sure you bring enough snacks and something to keep them entertained. You can bring some gummies or lollipops that can help calm irritable kids. You can save movies on your iPad or any gadget and bring a small toy your kids will enjoy playing. You can also pack a mini activity book and a small box of crayons. Some airlines also provide these sort of entertain, so you may want to ask in advance so you can travel lighter.

6. Travel light

Speaking of travelling light, bring only the stuff that you really need. Especially when other needs, such as blankets, are well provided in your destination, you do not have to bother bringing all these stuff with you. Be sure to pack lots of undies and tees for your kids and make sure they are lightweight.

For the footwear, aside from the closed walking shoes your kids will be wearing while travelling, you only need to bring one extra sandal or slipper for them to use while on water.

Other necessities, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, and more should also be travel-sized for your convenience.

7. Pack kids’ clothes per day

For added ease, you can opt to pack the clothes of your kids in a sealable plastic bag per day. This should include a set of underpants, top, bottom, and socks when needed. Label them if you must. This will reduce the mess in your luggage and save lots of time before heading out for breakfast.

8. Don’t forget to bring a medicine kit

It is always good to be prepared with a kit in case of cuts, scrapes, and insect bites while travelling. Be sure to also include your vitamins, motion sickness pills, and anti-allergy pills, as well as insect repellent that you can easily grab when you need one.

9. Bring wipes, plastics, and extra light clothes

Wipes, plastics, and extra clothes are must-brings when you travel. You will never know when and where you need to change nappies or when your kids get real messy with just about anything. The sealable plastics can come in real handy in case your kids throw up during your flight or road trip.

10. Consider using a carrier or a lightweight umbrella stroller

Lots of walking and jetlag can be really exhausting for your kids, especially your toddlers. A carrier can be really helpful in case your little ones are too tired to keep up. An lightweight umbrella stroller is extremely helpful, too, especially when your itinerary involves a lot of walking. If you think they are too bulky to travel with, you can try finding stroller rentals in your destination.

Travelling with kids can be really tough, but they are truly worth your effort.  With the tips we have shared, we wish you a comfortable, safe, and memorable vacation with your kids.

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