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Ultimate Visa Corporation is a multi-awarded visa and immigration services provider. The rates of Ultimate Visa Corporation are competitive where our staff will do all the complex paperwork and leg work. This means that our clients can spend most of their time on other things that matter to them instead of the tedious application process. We also prepare and brief the applicants for the interview at the embassies. Guiding the applicants in each stage of the visa application makes it less complex and stressful for clients.

fiancee or fiance visa

Fiancée Visa or Fiancé Visa

A fiancée visa or fiancé visa requires more time and documentation. It is also known as K1-visa in the United States of America. One of the major requirements is that the couple must have met each other and must be free to marry. The processing time for fiancée visa varies from country to country (e.g. 2-3 months for Australia, 3-4 months for United States, and 3 months for the United Kingdom approximately).

student visa

Student Visa

Ultimate Visa can assist a student find an educational institution with an internationally recognized diploma. Each educational institution will have its own set of requirements.

tourist visa

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is quite easily obtained by most Filipinos. We can assist you with your tourist visa application, which can be processed in 3-6 weeks, depending on the country. Ultimate Visa also offers free assessment to all applicants.

spousal visa

Spousal Visa

Spousal visa requires more time and documentation. The most important requirement is that the couple must be legally married. The average processing time for spousal visa varies from one country to another (e.g. 5 months for Australia, 8–9 months for United States, and 5 months for the United Kingdom approximately). All embassies require complete and properly prepared documentation in order to have a shorter processing time.

retirees visa

Retirees’ Visa (SRRV)

SRRV is a special multiple entry visa program of the Philippine government that grants foreigners and former Filipinos non-immigrant permanent resident status and vests them the privilege to own real estate properties or proprietary golf shares, put up and conduct business, work, study and reside permanently anywhere in the Philippines.